The benefits of a positive working environment are well documented; productivity, creativity, and happiness go up – all of which are critical for business growth. It doesn’t end there; studies show that a positive workplace culture helps attract and retain the best talent.

So, yes, helping your employees fall in love with their offices and the work environment in general could be the magic trick to rising to the top of your industry.

But, how exactly can you boost team spirit? What steps can you take that would eventually make people enjoy working for your company?

Here are five tips to get you started;

  • Be grateful

Begin by understanding that it is a privilege, not a right, for people to work at your company. As much as you pay them for services offered, they would easily be working for someone else that very moment. That they choose to work with you is something you need to be grateful for. You might be surprised, but the virtue of gratitude alone can quickly transform a workplace. If everyone, all the way from the boss, is saying “Thank You” for every kind gesture that comes their way, the workplace will be beaming with positivity.

  • Make the work environment safe

There is nothing more damaging to performance than the lack of safety. If an employee feels unsafe from the boss or other workers, or even the working conditions, they are unlikely to be happy. It’s your duty as the employer to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure in the workplace. Ask about their fears regularly and encourage them to share with you aspects of their jobs that make them feel unsafe. Then, swiftly address these concerns.

  • Don’t sacrifice the important for the urgent

There is a common trend where employers feel that they can call for urgent meetings even when the team is working on a critical phase of the project. It often means that employees have to leave testing or ditch the customer they were speaking with over the phone because the boss wants to speak with them. Not only can this habit cost you customers; it can also destroy employee morale.

  • Celebrate every win

Did the finance department just pull off an incredible deal for the company? Why not celebrate with them? Why not call everyone together and break the good news? Celebrating achievements in this manner has been found to increase employee motivation which can in turn boost team spirit. More importantly, don’t wait only for the big wins. Every achievement is worth a celebration.

  • Spread happiness

This final tip might sound funny, but you can indeed boost workplace positivity by carrying the positivity on your face throughout the workplace. When you’re all sulky and frowned, employees will absorb the same negative energy, resulting in a toxic workplace. But, when you’re smiley and seemingly in a good mood, the positivity will quickly spread, resulting in a motivated workforce.

Don’t Stop There

These are just a few tips. There are many strategies out there that you can implement to instill positivity in the workplace.

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