What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing has a knack for grabbing the attention of needy consumers. It’s an efficient form of advertising that doesn’t require a large amount of money. For an alternative approach to marketing, look at how these examples of the method gained notoriety. 

Direct Response Marketing Examples


Referrals use an incentive to get current customers talking about your product or services. Telephone companies use this method to entice families to use the same service. After they reach a certain number of referrals, a discount is applied to the account. It’s one of the most intelligent ways to market that doesn’t rely on company resources. Interested customers use your product, and their personal experience is what drives the selling point. It’s a win-win for both sides that have an infinite number of marketing possibilities. 

Mail Invites

Mail invites have always been used to entice customers into a purchase. But there is a difference between junk mail and direct response marketing. Mail invites are an easy way to gauge interest without overselling a product or service. It can also be used to invite consumers to attend sales events for the company. These types of mail invites are not considered junk and are less likely to be thrown out. And even if the consumer doesn’t attend, there is a chance that the invite will be passed onto someone else. 


Back in the day, informercials used to run late at night with reruns of popular television shows. Billy Mays was the biggest name and helped to tie the informercial persona to a product. In today’s media-heavy society, informercials have become much more mainstream. They are shown in the daytime, during YouTube midrolls, and before playing a video on Hulu. Informercials that have care put into their script will promote word-of-mouth advertising. 

Facebook Ads

An e-commerce ad has the option to use targeted marketing for a successful campaign. Facebook ads have a clear goal in mind, and won’t take up a lot of time or screen space. This is important for establishing a balanced ad attack that doesn’t annoy customers. And since ads will only appear for consumers that are interested, it prevents your marketing from going off the rails. Advertising Doritos to an individual on a diet is not a good look. 


Upsells are a positive bonus to a company’s bottom line. For direct response marketing, an upsell helps consumers realize the value of a higher-end accessory or product. Making the right recommendation is a big part of what makes upsells spectacular. But an upsell is much more than a way to get individuals to buy extra products or services. It is an introduction to the many other products and services that the company has to offer. In the event that normal advertising misses the mark, an upsell can run cleanup duty to excite customers about your brand. 

Take Control of The Pitch

Your brand image depends on how serious you treat direct response marketing. Use these examples to create your own mini-campaign to reinvigorate sales. It’s meant to be your idea of advertising, and now is the best time to let the ideas fly.

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