An excellent business plan helps you through each step of beginning and operating your firm. Using your business plan can help you establish, manage & develop your new company. It’s a technique to think through all the fundamental parts of your company. Here we have discussed a well-written business plans for visa application

A business plan might help you get money or bring in new company partners.  Investors want to be sure that their money will be well spent. After that persuading the business plan. Moreover you have to engage them with you or invest in your firm is essential in achieving your goals.

In other words if you wish to move to the United States to run or establish a new firm. Likewise the e-2 business plan through E-2 Treaty Investor visa for your business is the most probable option . When a foreign national from a treaty country has invested or plans to invest a significant sum in an American enterprise, they are eligible for an E-2 visa.

The different types of business visas (Table)

B1 Temporary work permit Signing contracts or working for others is prohibited.Up to six months’ durationNegotiation skills, but no ability to sign contracts.
E-1 e visa business plan – Visa for a treaty merchant. The visa-native holder’s country is an excellent place to start a company. But, first, be in a nation with which the United States has an acceptable treaty.Indefinitely renewable until the firm ceases to exist for professional e1 visa business plans for the e1 visa applicationIt can only be used when a company exists. Children under 21 are not allowed to work and lose their status when they reach 21.
E-2 e2 business plan – Treaty investor visa. Allows a person of a treaty nation to travel to the US to establish a companyIndefinitely renewable until the firm ceases to exist.It can only be used when a company exists. Children under 21 are not allowed to work and lose their status when they reach 21.
EB-5 Program for green cards for investors. Requires a $500k to $1MM investment and hiring at least 10 US citizens within two years, and the ability to last for at least five years.After a term of probation, it leads to permanent residency.
L-1 Visa for an in-house transfer. Under certain conditions, the holder may be able to transfer from a foreign corporation to a US firm.One year, with three possible extensionsIt is required that a foreign-related corporate employee has worked for more than a year in the last three years.
H-1B Specialized labor visa An extension with three yearsAn annual quota limits the number of visas that may be issued. No self-employment is allowed.
O-1 Extraordinary Ability visa An extension with three yearsIt is necessary to be able to provide evidence of exceptional talent.
TN NAFTA temporary work visa An extension with three yearsSelf-employment is not permitted.

How to choose the right visa for your business?

When it comes to obtaining an entrepreneur visa for your business in the United States, the regulations prohibit it; there is nothing as formal startup visa or entrepreneurial visa. Therefore, to start and manage a firm here, would-be entrepreneurs must work within the present framework of immigration regulations.

There are a couple of different startups and entrepreneurial visas that might assist you in getting here. In addition, entrepreneurs who have gained a lot of notoriety in their home countries and wish to access US markets may apply for exceptional ability visas. Finally, an investor visa is also conceivable for entrepreneurs with the financial support of a committed investor or lender.

Whatever path you choose, be sure to store all company documents in a secure location and get the services of a lawyer to guide you through what may be a lengthy and challenging process. Furthermore, changes may be on the horizon. Immigration is a hot-button issue, and entrepreneur visas may see significant changes.

The business plan requirements for each visa

A business strategy can be in any form. What matters is that your system works for you. Most company strategies are either conventional or lean startups. Traditional Business Plans For Visa Application are much more prevalent and urge you to explain each element. In addition, they may be several pages long.

Less frequent but conventional are lean startup company plans. They concentrate on just the most significant parts of your plan’s core components. They may be made in an hour and are usually one page. The requirement for types of business visas is:

B1 Visa 

  • DS-160 form, confirmation page, and barcode
  • Valid passport\Social media accounts of the applicant
  • Interview confirmation letter
  • Photographs that meet US visa photo standards
  • A letter with the reason for the visit
  • Bank statement
  • Documents showing links to native country 
  • Records of criminal activity
  • Prior US travel documentation

E-1 Visa

Requirements for professional e1 visa business plans for the e1 visa application are:

  • A citizen signed a treaty.
  • A Treaty Country’s Trading Firm.
  • The Trade Must Be Vast.
  • You must work as a supervisor or executive or have specialized skills for e visa business plan.

E-2 Visa

  • IRS grant Employer Identification Number (EIN) Tax returns for e2 business plan.
  • Accounts
  • Quarterly pay reports (i.e., W-2s and W-3)
  • Organizational chart
  • Licenses
  • Bank accounts, utility bills, and phone book listings
  • Customer/vendor contracts
  • escrow papers
  • Lease contract for e-2 business plan.

EB-5 Visa

  • Investors must invest US $1.05 million or $800,000 in a TEA.
  • Investing in a new company or a USA Regional Center project is common.
  • The investment must produce ten full-time employees and be sustained for two years.

L – 1 Visa

  • The petitioning US firm should have a qualifying connection with the parent corporation.
  • A new workplace requires physical space (if applicable).
  • During the visa holder’s stay in the US, the strong petitioner for the visa must be an employer in the US and at least one other nation.

H1-B Visa

  • Worked for 12 years. It may also be a combination of schooling and a job.
  • Of course A bachelor’s degree is required.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement will evaluate whether your job qualifies as a specialized profession.
  • Further The employer should register a labor condition with the Department of Labor about your employment contract.
  • Capable of working in specialty profession.
  • This is not a pastime, free counsel, or other humanitarian activity.

O-1 Entrepreneur Visa

  • The beneficiary should have exceptional ability and travel to the US temporarily to continue employment in extraordinary ability.
  • Additionally To apply for this entrepreneur visa, you must have outstanding skills. As shown by winning a business award or media recognition.
  • It is a temporary visa but it can be converted to forever if running a company. 
  • If your firm fails or you decide to explore other prospects, you must leave the US.

TN Visa

  • Applicants must be Canadian or Mexican.
  • The job offer should be listed in NAFTA.
  • Applicants must have offered a full-time or part-time work in the US.
  • The job offer should specify a NAFTA expert.
  • The candidate must have the required qualifications.
  • Expiring visa holders must show a desire to return home.

Tips for creating a successful business plan

Now that you are all ears of what goes into a Business Plans For Visa Application consider how you’ll write it. These 12 elements should guide your company’s approach. Finally, create a business strategy that will achieve its aim (whatever it may be) and serve as a future reference.

  1. Be brief – Firstly define your terms clearly. Long-winded company plans are more likely to be forgotten.
  2. Justify your concern– Secondly show your employees and investors you care (and why they should too).
  3. Back up documents– Thirdly include staff bios, consumer profiles, product demonstrations and communication examples.
  4. Norms – The data about the market, competitors and consumers should be credible.
  5. Research is vital – Your research should take longer than the actual writing. Consider recording your research.
  6. Distinguish your opinions – In conclusion Emphasize how your product or service differentiates you from the competition and addresses a market problem. Don’t be scared to use these differentiators repeatedly.
  7. Be impartial in your research – As important as it is to advertise your company and services, and you must also be unbiased in your study. Show off your market research and financials, both good and bad, to impress your investors.
  8. Your plan’s aim – Know why you’re learning and writing before you begin. How to get funds, align teams, or provide direction.
  9. Audience study – Your company’s strategy needs a goal, and you need an audience. What do you say? Newbies? Employees? Co-workers? Investors?
  10. Jargon-free – Avoid using industry-specific jargon to make your business plans for visa application as easy to comprehend as possible.
  11. Fearlessly alter it – Your business strategy should grow together with your company. Remember to revise and update your Business Plans For Visa Application as needed, but above all, have a process.
  12. Usage – Finally A company plan should be referenced and used in the future. Remind your team of your company’s strategy for the following years.

The final steps before submitting your application

  • Firstly the Procedure for applying – how it is done
  • Secondly the Fees associated with visas
  • Thirdly Photographs
  • Fourthly the security measures at the embassy
  • Collection of fingerprints
  • Finally prior to the interview, familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

After your visa is granted

After receiving an immigrant visa, the alien registration receipt (I-151 or I-551) authorizes you to live and work in the United States.

  • Firstly they will send an envelope with your visa via courier.
  • Secondly it’s in your passport. Most importantly, verify the visa and letter information. 
  • Your visa packet must be unopened when given to an immigration official.
  • Similarly except for K visas and returning resident visas, the USCIS fee must be paid upon entry. Details underneath.
  • Mark the expiration date. You must enter by then.
  • DHS officials at the border assign each visa package an “alien number”. Your passport will be stamped with this number when you arrive.
  • This takes many months for DHS to process and ship. Till then, the passport stamp permits employment and travel. Cancel your alien registration before getting your receipt card. Please inform DHS BEFORE leaving the US if your stamp has expired and you haven’t received your alien card. You can’t go back to America.
  • Before leaving the US for longer than 12 months, you must apply for re-entry authorization. A two-year document. After that Your “green card” and the completed I-407 form (PDF-653KB) should be sent to the closest US Embassy or Consulate. Without re-entry permission for 12 months, permanent resident status ends.
  • In addition review your rights and responsibilities as an LPR in America.


For instance if you are looking to start a business in the United States, you must apply for a business visa. In conclusion, here we have gone through different types of visas available and what you need to include in your visa business plan. Make sure to follow our blog for more tips on starting a business and applying for a visa.


How to find what type of business visa do you need? 

To find out the same, first, you have to analyze why you are moving there, and accordingly, you have to compare your wants with the visa type. At last, you will come up with the visa you need to apply for.

How to write a business plan for your visa application?

In other words if you seek an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you must provide a thorough business strategy.

  1. Firstly start with an essential list.
  2. Secondly Prioritize goals
  3. Thirdly Specify.
  4. Fourthly Make goals yet be realistic
  5. Fix dates
  6. Plan it out!
  7. Finally Revisit regularly.

What should be included in your business plan? 

A business strategy can be written in any form. What matters is that your design works for you. Therefore most company strategies are either conventional or lean startups.

  • Visa Business plan template
  • Synopsis
  • Company info
  • Market research
  • Management and planning
  • Product or service line
  • Promoting and selling
  • Request for funding
  • Budget forecasts
  • Appendix

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