Facebook is celebrating its 16th birthday, and the billion-dollar business is thriving. Over 2 billion users login each day and many of them celebrate their friends’ birthdays. Facebook has become a necessity in the lives of the people who use it. While offering social media connections to members, Facebook has cashed in collecting data – especially birthday data. 

One of the most popular features on Facebook is the birthday reminders. If you have any friends on Facebook, you have been notified when it is their birthday. The reminder has wreaked havoc on the greeting card industry, as the free happy birthday messages on Facebook have taken over. 

Businesses can leverage the birthday data on Facebook to their benefits. Not only can you use Facebook to collect birthdays, but you can do the same when you get potential customers to click on your website. Then, you can cash in on the birthday data. Here’s how:

  1. Direct ads at friends of people with upcoming birthdays

If you have a business that would benefit from selling to people who have birthdays to celebrate, then direct your ads at them. People like to buy gifts for their friends and family members, so if you have something that would be a good gift, direct your ads at them. You can even direct ads at parents of children who are having quinceaneras, sweet 16s, or any birthday for a child under age 10. 

2. Target specific age groups

Your Facebook ads need to attract as many people as possible, but only if they are potential customers. Since birthdays are a big deal on Facebook, organize your ads with birthday messages and offers for certain age groups. Older people might not like to admit it, but many still appreciate having their birthdays recognized, so don’t neglect them. Do some research before you create your target ads. 

3. Offer specials for milestone birthdays

Milestone birthdays are worth celebrating, and those parties can be lucrative for businesses that offer deals. Consider the value of a 21st birthday, 30th, or 40th birthday. These are important milestones and there is nothing wrong with businesses cashing in on the celebrations. You can offer limited specials that are only available for people who are celebrating their 40th birthday during a certain time period. This creates a sense of urgency for the special event and special offer.

4. Offer monthly birthday specials 

Offering a monthly special is a great idea for businesses, too. Some local businesses have cashed in on daily birthday specials, like ice cream parlors who offer a free ice cream cone on someone’s birthday. Or the florist who offers a free rose each day to anyone with a certain name. When you offer monthly birthday specials, you attract all of those people who have a birthday during that month. Like the milestone birthday offers, monthly birthday specials create a sense of urgency. Many times, people will click on your offer, get the special and buy even more. They might not have clicked if you didn’t offer the special.

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