Constantly changing consumer habits are forcing marketers and social sellers to change the way they market and sell to stay in line with the way consumers are shopping and buying. Generating high quality and high quantity leads continues to be one of the most critical objectives for businesses. Developing a successful lead generation engine is what keeps the sales pipeline full of prospects. While there are numerous things that you can do to increase your leads and sales, here are four excellent lead generation strategies that your business should try.

Utilize Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign begins with the initial outreach to potential customers. Although email has been declared dead and dying for years, according to the DMA, a division of the Association of National Advertisers, email remains the most productive tool for today’s data-driven marketer regarding lead generation. When it comes to your business, it is essential to determine if your product or service is the right fit for your customers, a well thought-out email marketing campaign is a great way to create new leads.

Blog Regularly

Regularly blogging is a great way to keep your site fresh, as well as building up your visibility for Google keyword searches. Blogging is also a great way to build trust in your brand and nurture leads. According to HubSpot, 92 percent of businesses who blog several times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. This proves that blogging is a useful channel for lead generation. To make the most out of your blogs, make sure that you include hyperlinks to other pages on your site, as well as including a prominent call-to-action.

Utilize Social Media

Along with blogging regularly, get into the habit of regularly posting on your social media channels. Along with sharing your own content, you should also share content from others that are prominent in your industry. This will help you improve your visibility and drive up your metrics. Also, remember to utilize more than just one social media platform because more than 56 percent of online adults using more than one network, according to Word Stream. To generate leads, you have to have human interactions with others, so make sure you get to know your online audience by communicating with them and sharing information.

Get Involved in Networking

Utilizing digital and social media to generate leads is excellent, but you’ll never beat the impact that face-to-face contact has on developing the important like and trust factors in business. Along with attending local networking events, consider volunteering your time to be a presenter at these types of events. These kinds of presentations can often lead to direct leads and even second-hand recommendations. Networking naturally leads to one-on-one follow-ups with potential clients providing you with the opportunity to learn more about them.

While there are many tools that you can utilize for generating more leads in your business, it can be easy to get too busy chasing prospects and leads. Along with these four tips for generating more leads, be sure to look at other lead generating strategies so you can find the best one that works for your business.

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