There are plenty of business analysts who are predicting that 5G technology is a real game-changer and when you look at what it promises to deliver for businesses everywhere it is not hard to see why they would be making such a bold prediction.

Less than 20 years ago, 3G was launched and it was a pioneer in cellular technology. Fast-forward to the present time and even 4G is a pale imitation of what the fifth generation of this technology has to offer, and it should also be noted that 5G also offers much more than superfast speed.

4G technology made it easy for streaming services to take hold and while that was a major benefit to consumers it is considered that 5G could be equally as transformational for the business community.

Here is a look at how 5G is expected to shape the way we do business.

A vital component in the advance of the IoT

Improved abilities in connectivity and communication are changing the way we live our lives and 5G offers ultra-low latency which helps to virtually eliminate the delay between a command being issued and a response returned that 4G suffers from.

5G has the ability to deliver this data within just 1ms, which is almost instantaneous, whereas 4G typically responds within about 4ms, so you can see what a difference this can make.

This means that manufacturers, for instance, can control or communicate with machinery around the world in what is very close to real-time.

You may not have heard of ultra-low latency in respect of 5G but businesses everywhere will appreciate and benefit from its impact.

Greater traffic capacity

For a business to grow and evolve it will need access to a network that offers a greater capacity when it’s needed.

5G is predicted to be able to cope with a 100-fold increase in traffic and network capacity.

This means that at large events, for example, everyone in attendance will enjoy a strong signal and be able to use all of the high-demand applications they want to access.

The fourth industrial revolution

Despite being a bold claim to suggest that the introduction of 5G can be seen as the fourth industrial revolution but it’s not hard to support that theory when you consider the impact it is expected to have on many different industries.

One industry that will definitely benefit as a result of 5G technology is the automotive industry.

Driverless cars are coming to our roads at some point soon and these vehicles will rely heavily on 5G’s ultra-low latency to provide the instant communication needed to keep its occupants safe.

Manufacturing is expected to take advantage of what 5G has to offer and there are numerous possibilities within the healthcare sector too. With 5G, it becomes possible to upload patient data in real-time and being able to make a vital medical decision quicker than before could end up saving lives.

Whichever way you look at it, 5G technology is going to change the business landscape as well as have an impact on all of our personal lives as well.

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