Brands and businesses are utilizing chatbot in more ways than one. Today, you can schedule flights, order food, and get recommendations for anything you want. It’s still in its early days, but statistics show that the adoption of chatbot is growing. Whether you may like it or not, virtual assistants and chatbots are the future of marketing. So, which companies are successfully using chatbots? Here are ten examples of brands already using chatbots with great success.

  1.   Starbucks

With the use of chatbot, Starbucks makes it easy for you to order your favorite snack or drink, whether it’s through text messaging or voice commands. The chatbot will inform you when the order is ready and the amount you’ll pay for it. The Starbucks chatbot can be found inside the Starbucks app for Windows, Android, and iPhone.

  1.   Spotify

As a digital music service, Spotify offers access to millions of songs. Through their bot, you can create a playlist of your favorite songs directly from Facebook. The bot can also ask for specifics and preferences, then suggest a playlist based on what you feel, what you are doing or a genre of music you prefer.

  1.   Fandango

Fandango sells movie tickets through the internet. Their chatbot makes it possible for you to buy tickets for your favorite movies, find theaters near you, and even watch trailers. All you need to do is to enter your details including your zip code or city and the bot will let you know what is playing nearby before showing you where tickets can be obtained.

  1.   Nike

The Nike StyleBot has led to the creation of the brand’s unique ID platform on the Facebook Messenger. With this bot, customers could create their own shoe designs or find previous shoe version for inspiration. This ability to create one’s own style and share the same with friends through Facebook Messenger has made the Nike chatbot a great success.

  1.   eBay

EBay started their chatbot as an experiment by utilizing Facebook Messenger to inform users at what point an auction listing was ending. This, in turn, made it possible for them to get the last bid if they wanted to. Since then, they have developed ShopBot, a shopping assistant to help consumers look for products they desire at their most desired rates. For instance, when you tell the e- bot that you are looking for soccer boots under $100, it will ask you some questions regarding the color and brand until you are able to find your perfect fit.

  1.   Aerie

With an audience of Gen Z and millennials, it makes much sense that a lingerie apparel retailer did not hesitate to adopt the bot technology in their efforts to improve their sales. Available on Kik, this bot makes it possible for users to choose the products they desire.  As the buyer, you are presented with two different product images, so you can pick one that suits your style effectively. After some rounds, the bot can develop a personalized product recommendation based on the selections you made.

In Conclusion

Given their undisputable significance in the world of marketing, it is not possible to disregard the value chatbots can add to your business. What the above examples demonstrate is that engagement results in happier customers who, in turn, lead to more sales.

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